D. Sakel, The Greek chronicles of the 16th century and the Patriarchate of Constantinople

Thursday, October the 15th

9:15-10:00 Dean Sakel (Türk Tarih Kurumu), The Greek chronicles of the 16th century and the Patriarchate of Constantinople

I shall present the entire case of the chronicles which emerged from the environment of the Patriarchate beginning in the 1560s but which in particular constituted the literary outflow characteristic of the decade of the 1570s. The period overlaps with both patriarchal terms of Metrophanes III, and what is said in the chronicles is of interest both to the wider picture of the Patriarchate throughout these times (for which these chronicles are our central and basic source), but also, more specifically, to the figure of Metrophanes himself. The chronicles have nothing to say about the monastery at Chalke however, and Metrophanes’ involvement in these literary products is, as far as we know, non-existent. Nonetheless Metrophanes was a central figure in the retinue of individuals, which produced, read and identified with these texts. These represent the high-point of such literary activity during the Tourkokratia, the period lies just over a century from the political end of Byzantium (and therefore within reasonable collective memory from that time), while Metrophanes was central to the political expectations envisaged by the world-view that the chronicles project.

Matthieu Cassin

Chargé de recherche à la section grecque et de l'Orient chrétien de l'Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes (CNRS, UPR 841).

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